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Automated cloud cost optimization.
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Cloud cost management and optimization, tethered into one, seamless platform.
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The planet’s first-ever agentless cloud cost management platform that automates cloud cost optimization and stops surprises.
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Tenacity’s hands-off cloud cost optimization and management platform functions like a pair of X-ray goggles, giving you an inside look into your cloud’s technology stack.
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Roughly half of all cloud spending in AWS and Azure is a missed opportunity to save as a result of poor cost intelligence, abandoned or over-provisioned assets, and poor utilization of available discount programs.
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It’s 2013. Nick Lumsden and Jason Yaeger are running a cloud hosting and data center giant that services hundreds of healthcare and financial services clients. While building highly secure cloud infrastructure products, they realize they’re seeing the same problems that have plagued every tech-stack generation in the past two decades. The core problem being an extreme difficulty in gaining a full-picture view of one’s technology stack. The bigger the cloud, the greater the change, the lower the transparency. So they created Tenacity to intelligently digest, understand, and optimize cloud infrastructure.

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There are a few fundamental issues with cloud infrastructure that Tenacity solves. For one, cloud services have and continue to evolve at such a jarring pace, that talent literally can’t keep up. Because of this, there is an extreme talent deficit, which makes hiring said talent really expensive.

With Tenacity being agentless and hands-off, it just makes the talent you already have that much more talented. We’re turning your teams into AI-support cyborgs, kind of.For two, understanding cloud spending in a rapidly changing, often growing, and especially at-scale environments is deliberately overwhelming.

With Tenacity, we wanted our platform to remove complexity and the pretentiousness of an industry that knows it made something hard just to feel smart, so that hard-working business owners can spend more time building their business and less time decoding their cloud bill.Finally, unlike other technology that is quick to implement, optimizing cloud infrastructure can take one, two, or even three months to understand and years to master. This is money wasted. So, we’ve designed Tenacity so that it can be implemented in just 5 minutes...

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