5 Ways Mid-Size Orgs FAIL at the Cloud Compared to Big Organizations

Nick Lumsden
February 3, 2022
5 min read
Industry experts estimate that mid-size organizations were 490% more likely to experience a security breach in 2021 as they were in 2019. Here's why...

When it comes to the cloud, mid-size orgs don’t have the resources of big companies, so they often have to choose between playing offense or defense. Defense makes them safer. Offense makes them moolah.

If you only have one choice, you have no choice. If you have two “choices,” what you really have is a dilemma.

Tenacity offers you a third way – a real choice. We help you with defense (security and compliance) and offense (asset visibility and cost-savings), so you know where the hell your assets are and what the hell you're spending on them. (That’s why 4 out of 5 Bean Counters recommend Tenacity.*)

Industry experts estimate that mid-size organizations were 490% more likely to experience a security breach in 2021 as they were in 2019. D'OH!

Yet the public cloud is an arena where mid-size companies can’t not play. Moving quickly, scaling faster, and remaining flexible are table stakes for competing.

When mid-size companies have to spend too much time focusing on bailing water instead of sailing the ship towards their goals, they can quickly become small-size companies – or even worse, no-size companies. Then it’s, “Bye, Felicia”.

Here are the top 5 Mid-Size Org fails you need to look out for...

1.     Big orgs have dedicated, highly capable talent that can quickly mitigate a threatening event and help the company recover. While mid-size organizations can afford to hire some top talent, they rarely invest in such a team because, again, they’re faced with a dilemma – invest in that capability or invest in new business, sales, an acquisition, etc. Having to choose between health or wealth is only the illusion of choice – it’s really a lose-lose for most mid-size players.

2.     Big orgs have talent and teams that have been there, done that. There's maturity in how to respond: playbooks, PR plans, legal prep, insurance, etc. Mid-size orgs rarely consider this until the first event happens and they realize that instead of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) they have WTF?! (Which stands for, well, you know…)

3.     Big orgs can carry on operating their business because they have talent depth, but for mid-size orgs it's often an all-hands-on-deck situation, including executive and senior leadership teams. Business grinds to a halt, there's a real impact on revenue, and worse, customer retention. Then too often it’s, “See Ya... Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya.”

4.     Big orgs have the financial stability to take the hit, withstand even relatively massive breaches, and weather the storm clouds until the negative sentiment passes. The penalties and reputational damage for a mid-size org can sink them or put them so far behind they can't recover. Then it’s, “Don't let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya.”

5.     Big orgs can afford a massive array of tools to prepare and prevent. Mid-size organizations often struggle to invest in the right set of tools (or have to pay exorbitant sums for an overwhelming number of single purpose tools) for their teams until it’s too late and their “organization” becomes a verb – a past tense verb. Then they’re thinking, “Wait - what was the name of that cool cloud tech company that makes it ridiculously easy, and super smart, and gives us security and visibility and compliance and so much cost-savings that it practically pays for itself?”

Sure, we’re making all this sound kinda humorous, but it’s gallows humor (/ˈɡalōz ˈ(h)yo͞omər/:

  1. grim and ironic humor in a desperate or hopeless situation.

You hear about these dangerous downdrafts in the cloud happening to mid-size orgs every day, so why wait until it’s your company in the news? Especially since you’re just “2 clicks and 5 minutes” away from having Tenacity installed and rocking your cloud game big time.

Hell, Tenacity now offers Self-Sign up, so you don’t even have to speak to a salesperson. Plus we always offer a 14 day free trial– and you never pay anything until you cross the thousand dollar spend level.

What have you got to lose? (To see what you have to lose if you don’t, see above.)

C’mon, “Get a Grip on Your Cloud.™” You got to be a mid-size company through #smart thinking. Let’s make that trend inside your organization by learning more about TenacityCloud.com.

*Based on a very unscientific poll taken after work at our favorite bar

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