Tenacity Search: Your Shortcut To Cloud Visibility

Nick Lumsden
August 22, 2022
5 min read
Tenacity’s new Search functionality brings visibility even closer by putting specific cloud assets, services, and features one click away.

In a role where there never seems to be enough time in the day, the value of search is everything.

Take the cybersecurity world, for instance, where your time is often spoken for before you even start your day. You’re often juggling an endless list of cloud alerts and issues, infrastructure optimizations, and a hundred other to-dos… the last thing you want to do is spend time chasing down every resource you want to manage.

But unfortunately with most cloud management tools, even though your assets are living under one URL or platform, they still don’t seem to talk to one another. Navigating between your different services and features is clunky and overly complex. Unless you live in the tool for six hours a day, you probably don’t know how to navigate your way through the fog in order to actually make impactful change.

Thankfully, Tenacity is already solving this issue for our community by bringing clarity and visibility right to your dashboard — and now with our new Search functionality, we’re taking visibility one step further by getting you in front of the resources you want to find in seconds.

The Power of Search… Now Within Tenacity

Tenacity’s new Search functionality puts all of the resources within your cloud environment one click away. 

While you’ve always been able to get clear visibility over your assets and resources by clicking through our Tenacity platform menu or viewing your dashboard, our Search feature gives you shortcut access to specific features, such as violations, compliance frameworks, or EC2 instances.

Think of it like the search bar of your computer — If you want the context of where your programs or files live, you can click through to your Apps or Documents folder, then dive deeper into sub-folders like Downloads, Photos, etc. in order to flow through the larger hierarchy. But, if you know exactly what you’re looking for and just want to access it quickly, the search bar acts as your shortcut.

Tenacity’s new Search functionality is the same, creating faster workflows and increased visibility out of your cloud environment.

How to Use Tenacity’s new Search

To access our new Search functionality, simply head to the left sidebar within the Tenacity platform and click “Search” near the bottom of the menu. From there, you will easily be able to search your assets and resources while your source page remains in the background, allowing you to maintain view of the context and insight behind your search query. For instance, if you’re looking up a specific violation within search, you can still view your violations, findings, and remediation advice before navigating to another page. After all, context is key.

With this new feature, power users of Tenacity will also be able to easily jump around to features or resources simply by dropping queries like “HIPPA” or “CloudWatch” directly into Search, while new users can use the Search functionality to locate their resources or learn more about them thanks to related Knowledge Hub articles that also populate within Search. No silos or gray areas… just one click, one search, and you’re there.

Ready to put the power of Search to work against your cloud environment? Head to TenacityCloud.com to sign in to your account if you’re a current user, or simply click ‘Sign Up’ to set up your account — no credit card, no sales people, no meetings required.

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