Too Many Public Cloud Tools? We've Finally Found “The One” For You

Jason Yaeger
February 10, 2022
5 min read
Have you been fooling around in the cloud tools dating game for too long? It's time to quit swiping right, stop playing the field and settle down with “The One."

As Valentine’s Day is upon us, we’re reminded of the famous Shakespeare quote…

“How do I love thee public cloud?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee tools for Security, Visibility, Compliance, and Cost-Optimization,
as far as my soul can reach…”

There comes a time in any SMBs life when it’s time to grow up, quit swiping right, stop playing the field, and settle down. Isn’t it time you find “The One”?

Our research shows that when it comes to making the most of the cloud, too many small and mid-size companies are afraid of commitment. Not only do they have a plethora of cloud providers to choose from, they also have a plethora of cloud tools to help them monitor, manage and automate their plethora:

·      Tools that specialize in Security

·      Tools that specialize in Visibility

·      Tools that specialize in Compliance

·      Tools that specialize in Cost-Optimization

So how’s your relationship to the cloud going? It’s complicated, right?

As the old joke goes, “A chicken participates in breakfast. A pig is committed to it.” Maybe it’s time you stopped being chicken and really commit to your cloud. Time to find “The One” tool that can help you get a grip on your cloud.

Our “Partners in Cloud” will tell you that settling down doesn’t have to mean settling. Like a good life partner, we support you in all aspects of your cloud life.

We help you:

  • Secure your cloud without overwhelming you with aggressive alerts
  • See ALL of your assets in a single glance
  • Enforce a wide range of compliances
  • Save you some serious money. (30%+ cost savings)

But ultimately, what makes us “The One” is that we’re the only cloud partner we know of that can give you all four: Security, Visibility, Compliance, and Cost-Optimization – everything your heart desires.

If it sounds like we’re about to propose to you, you’re right. We’re proposing that you try Tenacity for two weeks – for free. Kind of like a 14-day honeymoon period, or a “friends with benefits,” if you will. We believe you’re going to fall in love with us.

Give your cloud some love. Sign up here for a free audit of your cloud infrastructure and receive a very exciting free report about your cloud.

Even after that, you don't pay a dime until you cross the thousand dollars-a-month cloud spend threshold. Most of our partners find Tenacity easily pays for itself. (But if you do decide we’re not right for each other, you can ask for an annulment at any time. Or you can just ghost us.)

Also, when it comes to installation, we’re known for being easy. You’ll notice we’re one of the few cloud technologies advanced enough to offer self service. Hold the dirty jokes, please. That means you’re just two clicks, five minutes, and zero salespeople away from Getting a Grip on Your Cloud. (Hey, that’s our tagline. We thought we agreed, “No dirty jokes”.)

We're really easy to work with!

Integrate with your cloud providers in under 5 minutes
Flat monthly subscription fee
API first, so we integrate with your existing tools
Setup, configuration, and monthly support from our team of cloud spend management experts included