User Permissions: Assign Specific Access and Functionality within Tenacity

Nick Lumsden
August 22, 2022
5 min read

Here at Tenacity, we're all about giving our users clear visibility into their AWS environment so they can get a grip on their cloud. 

But clear visibility doesn’t always mean showing you everything you own all at once... that could be crippling. Instead, we focus on delivering the relevant, contextual information you need — without overwhelming you with data or alerts — so that you can work smarter. And that relevant information likely differs from person to person on your team.

For example, the cloud data that is helpful to your engineering team will likely be different from the information that your finance or security teams would like to see highlighted.

So, with that in mind, our Tenacity team is excited to share that we are taking our prioritization of cloud visibility one step further with updated User Permissions settings. Let’s take a deeper look…

User Permissions Within Tenacity

As part of our latest product update, we've added role-based access control within our Tenacity platform to all account levels, which will allow admins and company managers to restrict access and functionality of their Tenacity dashboard. This means less confusion for your users and more focus on getting things done in your cloud.

Each role has certain permissions, and you can assign these roles when creating or editing a user in the user settings section (which also received a small update).

These roles are divided into two types: CTRL, which pertains to our data platform and the core of Tenacity today, as well as Global, which manages company settings, users, and features. Think of Global as the management or super user that you use to inflict changes on your Tenacity account.

Here’s a closer look at some of the specific permission roles within users:

  • CTRL Admin: Full company administrator control and access to all CTRL features.
  • CTRL Audit: View-only access to all CTRL features.
  • CTRL Compliance: Full access and control to CTRL compliance features.
  • CTRL Engineering: Full access and control to CTRL asset features.
  • CTRL Finance: Full access and control to CTRL finance features.
  • CTRL Security: Full access and control to CTRL security features.
  • Admin: Full company administrator control and access to all internal platform company features, users, roles and billing.
  • Billing: Full administrator control and access over internal platform company billing.
  • Manager: Full administrator control and access over internal platform company features, users and roles.
  • Global User: The most basic user permission in a company, has access to view users and company information

How To Update User Permissions

In order to assign roles and permissions to your team within Tenacity, simply log in to your Tenacity account and head to Settings within the sidebar menu. Next, click on Team, where you will be able to see each of the Users within your account and the Roles that each User is assigned.

To edit roles for each User, click on the right arrow alongside their name, and use the dropdown menu to assign user permission roles to each User.

Be sure to check out our User Roles & Permissions settings to learn more about the permissions within each role, and head to our Tenacity Help section if you have any questions. Happy User Permission assigning!

Nick Lumsden
August 22, 2022

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