What Are the Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization?

Jason Yaeger
October 31, 2022
5 min read
Optimization processes are about finding the right balance between price and functionality in the cloud environment, which may change over time as production requirements change.

Cloud cost optimization refers to the process enterprises use when they optimize their existing IT infrastructure for usage in cloud computing. The benefit of using this strategy is that companies reduce their overall costs with minimal cloud investments.

Many businesses need to be aware of their cloud infrastructure's interdependence and numerous operational tiers. Knowing this is essential for planning, establishing cost expectations, scaling services, scheduling services, and aligning your cloud provider bill with your cloud operations.

Optimization processes are about finding the right balance between price and functionality in the cloud environment, which may change over time as production requirements change.

Cloud Cost Optimization: What Are Its Financial Advantages?

By upskilling your workforce and creating a more productive IT environment, the business benefits of cloud cost optimization can be far-reaching in terms of finance and serving cloud customers. 

To reduce cloud costs, you must better manage your unused resources, choose the right-sized services, set the correct prices, and account for changing needs. Here are the top three business benefits of cloud cost optimization.

Reduce Overspending / Eliminate Wasted Spend

Due to complex cloud pricing, organizations need help to predict and budget their demands and utilization, which results in significant cloud resource waste. Therefore, developing a cloud cost-optimization strategy to manage cloud investments and maximize value becomes urgently necessary.

Understanding how your business spends money and monitoring spending patterns thoroughly significantly reduces overspending. Cloud cost optimization aims to help you identify areas where you're spending too much to save money for more value-added expenses besides technology.

Cloud cost optimization is all about cutting costs for short-term savings while simultaneously investing and building a better overall cloud strategy. Your company must enhance cloud savings and maintain a competitive advantage in an industry with many competitors making similar investments. 

Improved Visibility Into Spend

Cloud cost optimization leads to improved visibility of spend in cloud service provider costs. The comprehensive visibility increases the transparency of the company's systems and helps lower overall cloud costs.

By analyzing your financial reports, your finance team can track how you spend money and see unnecessary spending patterns. In addition, cloud cost optimization will help you identify areas where you're overspending to plan on trimming down costs and potentially saving substantial money.

It is advisable to build up an automated process like autoscaling. These tools can assist you in regularly monitoring and optimizing the cloud services' cost, speed, and quality after determining the cloud consumption. In addition, they can make automatic adjustments to your service based on your needs.

Machine learning is a new technology that can ensure the effective use of cloud resources, measure consumption, find defects, and make corrections.

Ability To Better Forecast Spending to Executive Teams

Cloud cost optimization helps businesses forecast spending and implement business KPIs. With that forecasted information, the company has a better idea of how much it will spend on technology in upcoming years and can better allocate computing resources. 

Cloud-optimized businesses can use the information to allocate budgets for cloud automation or other IT services.

Cloud cost optimization strategies will help your internal teams make better business decisions with the available information. In addition, the insight into spending patterns and costs will help executives decide where they want to focus their budgets in the future.

There Are Several Other Major Advantages of Cloud Cost Optimization

Here are some other benefits enterprises can enjoy through cloud cost optimization.

Increased Utilization

A large number of enterprises have multiple software assets and unutilized capacity. Optimizing spend by reducing IT spending can increase the utilization of unused capacity and reduce overall costs.

Cloud cost optimization increases cloud service levels as most enterprises move to a hybrid or fully-cloud environment in their IT infrastructure. They can ensure they have sufficient financial resources to meet their service level agreements and guarantee high standards by controlling the cost center.

For instance, the IT department of a cloud-optimized business can optimize its cloud cost optimization work by implementing a different reporting system and getting rid of excess and expired projects. To do this, the company can use cloud storage to save projects. As a result, cloud storage cuts its overall costs on physical storage while improving efficiency.

Improved Productivity for Engineers

Businesses require cost information from the engineering team to determine the correct profit margin or revenue statistics for the items or services provided for end consumers. The internal teams must understand how to make efficient trade-offs between speed, reliability, and cost.

Cloud cost optimization helps reduce the time engineers spend on projects and increases their productivity. By reducing the time engineers spend on specific tasks, such as debugging applications or searching for process bugs, they can focus on other departments while improving their overall IT infrastructure

For example, ask your engineers how much time they devote to managing crises compared to doing their actual jobs. The answer might surprise you, especially when you consider the level of disruption it causes. Cloud optimization gets your engineers back to coding by mitigating risks and offsetting some of those tasks that frequently pull them away from their desks.

Increase Efficiency Across Your Organization

Most companies have outdated or unused applications and infrastructure, reducing the efficiency of their technology. Cloud cost optimization offers an efficient way to reduce spending and eliminate excess capacity across your cloud operations. 

You can improve productivity and create a more efficient system for your company through increased visibility of your organization's IT infrastructure. In addition, a cloud cost optimization tool such as Tenacity can help enterprises implement a structure that more effectively manages costs.

Cloud providers eliminate the need to spend time or money building entirely new systems. As a result, cloud cost optimization helps firms make immediate changes while investing in projects that will improve their IT systems in the future.

Cloud cost optimization strategies allow enterprises to monitor and manage their systems' stability using flexible, effective cloud technology. By minimizing your investment in hardware and software, you'll be able to rely on better platforms in the future when applications may fail or perform less stably. 

In addition, by utilizing cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, it's possible to reduce instances where applications fail or are down due to an issue with hardware functionality. Public cloud providers have lowered the barrier to entry and made it easy for organizations to use public clouds. There are numerous cloud providers available, which have allowed enterprises to move away from their virtual private cloud (VPC)

Ability To Use Un-Wasted Spending To Innovate on New Ideas and Maintain Competitive Advantage

Cloud optimization with Google Cloud helps reduce overspending and increase efficiency by investing in cloud assets you can rely on and use as a foundation for building your future IT strategy.

Using a reduced budget, you'll be able to use these funds to research new ideas or make technical changes to existing products. As a result, companies can continue driving innovations and maintaining their competitive edge by using their idle resources more efficiently. 

In addition, the company may be able to use the funds it saved on other projects directly toward predicted concerns it may face in the future.

As such, cloud cost control allows businesses to use their saved resources to drive growth and revenue through new opportunities. Companies may be able to add more infrastructure or even offer new services since they'll no longer get constrained by overspending on IT.

Cloud optimization allows companies to reduce their cloud spending while increasing the value they receive from their existing servers and software assets. Sign up for Tenacity and start optimizing your cloud cost today.

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