E54: Cloud Cost Challenges Through the FinOps Lens

The podcast episode discusses the use of FinOps frameworks to address cloud cost management. The hosts emphasize the need for a data-driven decision approach and considering other aspects of cost such as supportability and variance. They also provide links to their profiles and offer help for those interested in FinOps and cloud cost optimization. A free assessment is available on their website.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Nick and Jason dive into tackling cloud cost management with the proper FinOps mindset. There are certain frameworks that FinOps employs to address different issues and some of these solutions could prove well for cloud cost optimization.

For one, you can't optimize environments with a one-size-fits-all mindset because that way, you're simply ignoring the superpowers of cloud. Nick and Jason discuss using a data-driven decision approach so that every process is done with proper alignment in all parts of the business. Tune in to learn more in this latest episode of Cloud Cost Optimization.



“It's not all about the dollars you spend in the cloud, right? It's also about supportability. You could tell me this is half the cost but it's going to take twice the people to manage.” - Jason

“It's also variance. It also depends on who you are, what type of organization you are and you do not want a massive variance to the positive or negative.” - Nick

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