E55: Keep Cloud Costs in Check: Lessons Learned from Successful FinOps Strategies

The podcast episode discusses strategies for keeping cloud costs in check, including using data-driven approaches and understanding cloud unit economics. The hosts share their experiences and lessons learned, with a focus on accountability and competing priorities. Collaboration is emphasized as a way to generate better ideas and solutions. The episode is part of a series focused on FinOps and Cloud Cost Optimization, and listeners can contact the hosts for further information or assistance.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Nick and Jason discuss the different lessons they've learned to keep cloud costs in check with the right FinOps strategies. Accountability with competing priorities is a common challenge, for example, where mapping out cloud spending data comes in and turns everything into a data-driven approach.


Understanding cloud unit economics is another solution we should take into account but it can be next to impossible. That's unless you've put in enough effort! There are many more nuggets of wisdom so tune in to learn more in this latest episode of Cloud Cost Optimization.





“Nobody has the best ideas. The greatest ideas actually come from collaboration. It comes from, if four people enter a room, 4 ideas go on the table. They get debated, they get torn apart, they get a fifth idea that emerges, then a 6th, and then 7th. And those ideas get it iteratively better until you walk out the room agreeing that there's a path you can still take.” - Nick


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