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Tenacity's platform helps you maximize cloud discounts and savings opportunities, eliminates billing surprises, and helps organizations allocate their costs for greater transparency and bill-back accuracy.

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Cloud Savings Recomendations

Maximize savings

According to industry reports, 30% of cloud spend is waste. Stop wasting money on abandoned and idle resources and ensure you've optimized your cloud. Tenacity's cost recommendations surface relevant, actionable ways of saving money - so you can confidently get the most out of your dollar while giving you the power to track your effective savings rate over time.

Commitment Management

Manage commitments

Get the most out of your Savings Plans and Reserved Instances - Tenacity imports and shows SP's and RI's on an amortized basis so you can track coverage, expiration, and utilization while constantly monitoring your cloud to surface recommendations over time as your cloud evolves and changes.

Cloud Cost Alerts

Stop spending surprises

No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to your cloud budget. With Tenacity, you can say goodbye to those unexpected spikes in your cloud spend. Our platform provides you with the alerts that matter, so you can take action before your bill gets too expensive.

Cloud Cost Allocation

Relate spending to revenue

Make the most of your cloud spending with Tenacity. Our powerful analytics and reporting platform makes it easy to allocate costs by business unit, service, tag or account - giving you the power to accurately report and forecast your cloud expenses in your context.

Cloud Cost Reporting

Get everyone on the same page

Keep your cloud costs under control with Tenacity's easy-to-use cloud cost reporting. Machine learning powered forecasting gives you accurate predictions of your future cloud spending, so you can plan ahead. And our executive reporting makes it easy to show your boss how much money you're saving!

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Thomas MacKenzie
Tenacity is super simple to get started with, and it provides immediate insight into what we need to address. The team is excellent and super responsive to anything we suggest or need in the way of support. I'm impressed with where Tenacity is right now and can see massive room for future improvement.

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Isaac Pelzer
I installed Tenacity in my customer's AWS environment and was able to help save them $30,000 because they had unused EC2 instances running that they were unaware of. I gained instant credibility and added value to their organization.

Simplest UI for understanding current cloud assets, budget implications and compliances posture.



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